A successful first pilot of FemTalks Forum Circles took place in Austria

Onderzoek ICT Odisee - 08/12/2020

Between 31st of July and 23rd of September 2020 Austria delivered the first exiting pilot of FemTalks Forum Circles in Graz, hosted by InterACT.

Women from Bulgaria, Afghanistan, USA, and Mongolia attended four sessions, all willing to discuss, to develop self-action plans, to create smart goals for themselves to increase empowerment and development in their personal lives here in Austria.

The group supported one another as they embarked on this experience together and learnt a lot from engaging and listening to their peers.

In all Circles the atmosphere was very productive, creative, and focused on ongoing processes.

After finishing the programme all participants were very excited, surprised, and satisfied how much they could benefit from the group circles for their personal live and empowerment.

“To get time, everybody is listening, to work together on one problem and to go a next step forward to goal. This is satisfying.”
“I´m very surprised about a new understanding, a new kind of thinking.”
“I like this empowerment in between women. I became more feministic. :)
“These Forum Circles supported me very well in my personal process! Thanks to the great guidance!”

The participating women knew each other out of the FemTalks Forum Theatre training, that took place in advance at the beginning of July. This experience of working together on their stories and challenges during the theatre week made a trustful basic ground for the Forum Circles.
One of the main aims of the Circles and the Forum Theatre week together is to foster inclusion by boosting their self-confidence. The reflection on their stories, this kind of learning between peers, this kind of thinking in the Circles and the possibility to find out solutions in the Theatre work is an incredible booster to competence, independency, and courage to go forward. The group experience, the new network, and the competence for networking grow very well. The WhatsApp – group made it easier possible to stay in contact also after the first pilot.

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