Story Sharing Marathon 1st of April - 31st of May

Onderzoek ICT Odisee - 22/04/2021

Fem Talks Forum Story Sharing Marathon

1st of April- 31st of May 2021

In a world of isolation, sharing stories is a great way to connect, but during our Story Sharing Marathon, we wish for more! We wish to build a community, learn in many creative ways of expression during a series of workshops, and fill our Fem Talks Forum Platform with vibrant stories from treasure recipes, family stories, photo essays, and many hero stories. We would like to use the special opportunity to gather female stories from all around the world, from women who live in a different country than their original, for short or for a longer time.

Share your story!

Write and share your story at and get an original graphic design created only for the FemTalks Story authors!!

The only thing you need to do after sharing the story is to fill our short registration form until the 31st of May:

Stories can be made in many different ways: you can write, paint, or illustrate your story with photos or images. Or…why not use your voice in sharing!? If you are taking pictures as a hobby, or love to write or to draw sometimes, this is your moment to finally show what you have created!

Take part in our workshops

To boost your creativity and imagination, we are launching a workshop series to support you to find your voice and discover your hidden stories! We would like to invite you to any of our workshops.

Read more about our upcoming events in April and May and apply here:

If the pandemic situation allows, we would like to organize a live exhibition of selected stories in Hungary.

Authors will be contacted about the details of the upcoming programs including further community events, workshops, and the planned exhibition.

Get inspired, share your story, and join our community today!

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