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Onderzoek ICT Odisee - 21/08/2019

Female Migrants in Austria:

19% of all women living in Austria were born in foreign countries. Overall women are clearly represented in the area of family migration, but significantly under-represented in the area of qualified migration. Women face complex and intersectional challenges, barriers and problems. In order to understand the specific phenomena, there is further need to analyse the gender hierarchy and the relevant political and societal framework and dynamics– especially in the field of migration, work, education, media and social welfare.

Focus Group:  Well integrated migrants face barriers and discrimination in the labour market

Seven female migrants took part at a focus group in March 2019. Most of the participants are well integrated and confident, their German skills are very good and they are highly motivated to get a good job in their field of interest. Nevertheless, they are facing discrimination and several barriers in order to integrate in the labour market. They all agree that there needs to be further action on different levels to achieve real accessibility. In general, and for the FemTalks Project, there is a need for a special framework and procedure to reach and integrate lower or non-educated women.  Language and the lack of self-confidence are potential big topics.

Interviews: Strategies, skills and attitudes from the success – interviews

Three female migrants took part in "success interviews”, and it turned out, that a strong will is needed: to find a job, to get permission to stay, to learn German, to understand the culture, to cope with challenging times and situations, to find the right information (school-, social- and health system, etc.) and get support from administration, NGOs, therapists offices. Overall NEVER GIVE UP! And: a supportive network, community and friends are very important and essential for integration and finding jobs. This could include  migrant communities and networks as well as ’local’ networks and communities. Mental support and feeling secure is important.

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