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Onderzoek ICT Odisee - 08/12/2020

The circles of the first Italian Pilot were held from 6 to 13 November 2020. Two weeks after the closing of the theatre pilot (see our video interview on the training). 

We are happy to have succeeded in an action that had become complex, because we decided to provide this training in presence despite all the regional restrictions duo to covid we had to respect, to ensure a more authentic relationship between the participants. 

The first pilot of the Circles in Italy was attended by 6 women, aged between 19 and 30 years, coming from France, Spain, Romania and Hungary, arrived in Italy for work reasons. All sessions took place at the IAC (centre of integrated arts), our partner's theatrical space in Matera.

 The Circle aims to enable women to acquire new skills, strengthen their self-confidence and share their personal stories, to build a more narrative around migration within the European Community. Using this learning programme, FemTalks Forum intends to help female migrants increase their employability and social inclusion and provide additional advice for further development.

The women came to the Circle motivated by curiosity and because they are eager to share the choices that have characterized their lives. All of them are now in Italy, coming from different countries and different living conditions but - they underline - they feel united by a common desire of movement and change. 

The choice to live in a foreign country - for all of them - was voluntary and not forced by external contingencies or security, but because they wanted to discover and get to know each other through experiences of autonomy and courage in finding themselves alone far from their place of birth. 

The Circles, they said, have helped a lot in bringing out their strengths and giving themselves smart goals to live this experience at its best. Many of them do not know how long they will stay here in Italy, others have decided to return to their country, and others want to continue their trip and go to other countries. Their journey is the journey made by each of us, each one in his way. 

A journey that cyclically brings us to come to terms with our choices and with our stories. A journey that does not end, because every place and every moment can be the right one to learn a little bit more about ourselves. 

This experience demonstrates how the women recognized their value and the potential of the training. One of them stated: “I didn’t feel me as a migrant during this Circle, but as a woman who is trying more about myself. To be a better human”.

These words give hope on the validity of the methodology of the project, going beyond stereotypes and working on the women potential.

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