Interview to FemTalks Program Participants

Fem Talks Forum - 23/10/2020

What made you want to participate in the FemTalks program?

Miriam: I came to learn about new forms of pedagogy, to better understand the theatre of the oppressed and to meet women with similar interests in the social field.

Mariana: I wanted to learn new theatre tools, and to be able to participate in a group formed by only women to discuss our obstacles in France as migrant women and to recharge our batteries.

What did you get out of it?

Miriam: Not only did I have the opportunity to take part in an informal pedagogy workshop, but I learned a lot from the other participants, from their own experience, from their strategies for dealing with daily life abroad or in a city that is not the city of origin.

Mariana: I feel more confident and strong to express myself and less alone in relation to lived experiences. Listening to other participants' stories also helped me to put things into perspective and learn about myself.

What advice would you give to your "you from the past" when you arrived in France?

Miriam: Not to be afraid, to be less shy, to trust myself, to give me the opportunity to discover, to share. To be perhaps more patient.

Mariana: I would say to myself to have patience. Very often we want to have the security that we had in our home country, but it takes time and energy, and everyone has a little bit of time and a little bit of a path to get there. I would also tell her to be less hard on herself, to demand less and to know how to recognize small achievements more often.

What makes you most proud of yourself in your journey?

Miriam: I am proud of my two PhDs and speaking three languages. I am also proud to have worked with two of the most important historians in France and abroad. They are not easy people and today they love and recognize my work.

Mariana: I am proud to have tried many different things, to have searched for many different experiences and groups. I am proud to have insisted on my goal of staying in France and to be able to say today that I am very happy to have the people I have around me, to live where I live, to work where I work, to feel much more "at home".


You want to participate in the second edition of the program in France? The program will restart in 2021 in Paris! Do not hesitate to contact to find out more!

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