First FemTalks Forum Circles™ in the United Kingdom

Fem Talks Forum - 12/11/2020

A successful first pilot hosted online by Inova Consultancy

Between June and July 2020, Inova Consultancy delivered the first exciting pilot of the FemTalks Forum Circles™! For 4 sessions, 8 incredible migrant women met virtually and came together to share their stories and experiences. The aim of the Circles was to empower international women to help them with their social inclusion and personal development, here, in the United Kingdom.

An inspiring and diverse group of women attended the Circles, all willing to discuss and embrace the challenges of being an ‘international’. During the sessions, self-action plans were developed to help each woman navigate their own journey. All the women were very motivated and made excellent progress towards their goals. The group supported one another as they embarked on this experience together and learnt a lot from engaging and listening to their peers.

The FemTalks Forum Circles™ were very popular and enjoyable for all involved!  The group expressed that their time in the FemTalks Forum Circles™ was both positive and productive:

“As commented above the whole session was excellent and Marina is an excellent coach. Very inspiring”

 “... less procrastinating, more prioritising. It was worth getting up in the morning for. I have really enjoyed all the sessions. It has revived my thinking skills”

 “It was very positive to focus on oneself for a change”

One of the main aims of the Circles is to motivate the group by boosting their self-confidence. We can see that the focus on themselves and their own actions helped to inspire and motivate the women to make positive changes in their lives!

The group also managed to discuss challenging topics such as the negative connotations of being a migrant. These sessions positively engaged the group to recognise the need to “celebrate achievements and (acknowledge the) importance of dismantling assumptions”. 

The ethos of the Circles allows the attendees the opportunity to connect with other women who are in the same shoes as themselves. The impact of this can be seen through the feedback:

“... We become a community.”

 “Thanks a lot for guidance and very amazing group and beautiful tutor marina”


Networking with other international women with shared experiences helped to support each participant and encourage them to meet their personal goals. In the words of one participant… “we dream too much and do so little”!  Creative tools were also provided in the sessions to help challenge their mindsets and guide the women along their journeys. Highlights in the 4 sessions included Mindfulness training and tools to help set SMART goals.

Overall, the first pilot of the FemTalks Forum Circles™ in the United Kingdom was a huge success! The virtual setting worked well and allowed participants to connect even from the comfort of their own home. Without the Circles, who knows if these inspiring women would be able to connect?

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