FemTalks Platform Development

Onderzoek ICT Odisee - 28/05/2020

FemTalks Forum Platform Development

We are proud to announce that the FemTalks platform is now online!
So we thought it would be nice to talk a little bit about the development process of the platform from start to finish.

Initial Phase

You can read the first part of the development phase in this article on the FemTalks Forum website. Briefly recapping this article, we can read about the FemTalks website and the initial steps of development. We started off by envisioning a persona called Mesima to represent or target group of the platform.
Once we had this representation, some wireframes were designed in order to suggest a general flow of the platform. These wireframes and the flow were then presented to the other partners in the project. Any feedback was taken into account and used to create the final designs of the platform.

Platform Designs

The platform designs, which you can see in the images below, were modelled to look professional yet appealing by adding modern elements like the rounded rectangles with a drop shadow effect. Once again these designs were presented to the partners. They provided us with great feedback in order to improve them again and again until the final result was reached. Following these designs, it was time to breathe life into the platform by starting to write the code behind it.

Beyond Looks

Going beyond the look of the platform we started to develop the barebones to get the actual platform up and running. We started by using the Laravel PHP Framework which is a foundation for web applications using the PHP programming language. To preserve the data used in the platform we set up a database in MySQL and connected both this database and the platform foundation together with an interface. Matching these technical puzzle pieces required a lot of programming and know-how. We first lay down a technical foundation and make sure everything works before making the platform look beautiful.
Finally the frontend of the platform was developed. The frontend is what you see as a user surfing to the platform and is based on the designs that were made before. This frontend is made using the programming languages HTML for structuring the page content and CSS for the final look and feel of the pages.
Then all that was left for us to do was to test the platform and launch it. While testing the platform, we try to get as many of the bugs and glitches out so we can launch a final stable version. Together with the partners we hunted down most of these bugs and TADA! the platform was finished. Well, for now ... because of course an online platform with a community is always a "work in progress" and will often be updated with small new features or additional bug fixes.


Join the community

So now the final product of the development process can be found online here https://platform.femtalksforum.eu/. If you feel like you want your story to be heard, love to read others' stories and experiences or just want to learn more about digital storytelling: Feel free to join our lovely community!

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