Digital Storytelling and Female Entrepreneurship

Fem Talks Forum - 24/08/2020

Written by Stefania Clemente

How are women entrepreneurs transforming and challenging traditional understandings of professional success?

It is well known that women encounter some difficulties when they choose to do business, including:

  • Access to finance
  • Access to markets
  • Access to training
  • Access to networks
  • Access to policymakers

To these barriers to entry we must add some gender stereotypes including: multitasking, imitation of male models, individualism, competitiveness, family occupation and role legitimacy.

On the other hand women today have access to a capital that is fundamental for building innovative, inclusive and high-impact businesses: social capital. This capital is easily accessible thanks to the possibility that we all have today: the web and social networks.

Digital access and Web allow women to:

  • to have access to learning and training, often for free
  • to network across geographic boundaries
  • to personal branding by narrative, in a true and authentic voice
  • to sell, anywhere in the world
  • to create connections and interactions, real and in line with their own values

I mean, to make real and concrete empowerment.

So, does Storytelling can help StorySelling?

In this regard, how much can digital storytelling create value in a female entrepreneur's narrative?

Digital Storytelling is based on the use of narrative techniques applied to marketing and especially personal branding. In the case of female entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to micro-entrepreneurship, we can easily imagine how easily accessible techniques and tools can generate new business opportunities.

A good product and/or service, a website and e-commerce and a creative communication strategy can open new markets, new relationships and new concrete possibilities to do business.

Digital, then, opens up to women:

  • an unimaginable transformative power
  • the concrete possibility to break down the digital divide - based on know-how and know-who
  • the opportunity to do business while respecting one's own values
  • the chance to flourish and cultivate one's talents
  • open virtual spaces for collaboration and networking
  • gain moral and economic independence

Training in digital storytelling and personal branding can actually build concrete opportunities for women who choose to do business by providing practical techniques and tools to encourage web and social media marketing activities.

Posted in Articles on Aug 24, 2020

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