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Onderzoek ICT Odisee - 07/06/2021

The Get confident through Drama, Movement and Storytelling Workshop

On the 25th and 26th of March Inova Consultancy ran two parts of a successful online workshop aimed at encouraging international women (those living in a different country to their birth country) to build their confidence through the use of dramatic techniques, movement, theatre skills and storytelling. We had  13 wonderful international women in attendance across the two sessions who were able to experience and utilise our taught drama techniques to help boost key qualities of leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and communication skills, as well as self-reliance.

On day 1 of the workshop, we spent time getting to know everyone involved within the workshop in order to ensure all our participants felt relaxed and at ease, making it easier for them to voice their ideas. The participants then had time to discover the challenges and opportunities they face as well as exploring stories from their own life experiences; this offered our international women time to reflect upon their past events whilst also envisioning future possibilities that they should be prepared for.

During the 2nd day of the workshop our focus was shifted towards investigating different techniques and how they can change our international women’s perspectives on their lives. The women were taught about Forum Theatre, (theatre that empowers student interaction to explore different options to change outcomes of an issue) and how to apply these theatre techniques to their own personal issues in order to help boost their self-confidence.

Our Get Confidence through Drama, Movement and Storytelling workshop proved engaging and gratifying for all our brilliant participants with the group expressing that they found the “inspiring activities” beneficial in promoting “resilience” and “positivity” with many participants particularly relishing the opportunity of working in teams and meeting new people.

This networking opportunity to exchange experiences proved useful for our participants in:

“Sharing of different personal experiences”

“Hearing the migration experiences of other women”

“Helping them to find similarities with other participants”

“Meeting new people, personal insight and sharing experiences”

As the main aim of this online workshop was to give our participants the tools they needed to improve their confidence and effect change in their lives, it was great to see that almost all of our participants felt more confident after engaging in our roleplay and other techniques. These testimonials further provide evidence that our workshop met and exceeded its desired aims for the participants involved:

“Boosting confidence, getting out of oneself”

“Fascinating, enjoyable, funny”

“I felt really empowered after the programmes. I believe that we all have these abilities, we just have to be aware of them and develop them.”

With on participant adding:

“It will be amazing a second workshop as a continuation of this one”

Overall, our Get confident through Drama, Movement and Storytelling workshop proved to be a great success. The online setting not only ran smoothly but also allowed us to connect with participants living from all over the UK, allowing all involved to gain a varied insight into the experiences and ambitions of different migrant women.

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