Changing perspectives on female migration

Fem Talks Forum - 23/10/2020

Changing perspectives on female migration, such is the bet launched by the teams of the FemTalks Forum (Erasmus+) project. This program aims to promote the stories of migrant women in Europe, bringing a fresh look at the stories of those who are unfortunately often absent from the debates on the issue of migration: migrant women themselves.

In France, at the end of August 2020, 9 women (from Brazil, Tunisia, Congo, Belgium...) met to share their stories, their journeys and their experiences with regard to socio-professional integration.

The program was carried out through 5 introductory workshops on forum theatre. These sessions allowed the participants to create links between themselves and to speak on subjects that are sometimes complicated to tackle (such as integration, the way society looks at it, prejudices, the difficulty of finding one's place, ...) in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

With forum theatre, it is not so much a question of giving answers to these subjects, but of debating, exchanging and learning from each other. Each one has resources, which can be mobilized even in the most difficult moments. Supporting group speaking and making oppressive situations visible can enable women to move forward in their projects with their own weapons.

For Augusto Boal, "being a citizen does not mean living in society, it means changing it".

Miriam (of Mexican origin, teacher and doctoral student in history) and Mariana (from Brazil, in charge of associative projects in the social field) were kind enough to talk about their experience within the FemTalks Forum program.

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