FemTalks Forum Platform Development

We are proud to announce that the FemTalks platform is now online!
So we thought it would be nice to talk a little bit about the development process of the platform from start to finish.

Initial Phase

You can read the first part of the development phase in this article on the FemTalks Forum website. Briefly recapping this article, we can read about the FemTalks website and the initial steps of development. We started off by envisioning a persona called Mesima to represent or target group of the platform.
Once we had this representation, s...

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One European project. Two challenging IT tasks.
By partnering up with the Belgian Odisee University College as the IT partner in the FemTalks Forum project we are developing the project website as well as the digital FemTalks Forum Platform.

The project website is already live and used to disseminate information about the project. Here you are able to find blog posts as well as some of the finished intellectual outputs for the project. While developing this website, we took the opportunity to work with, to us, unfamiliar new technologies.
For the geeks among us, the bl...

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FemTalks Forum is a European endorsed project that combines different training methodologies into a single learning programme to empower female migrants. It is designed to help migrant women to integrate more easily into their new host country, overcome social barriers, find work or set up a business. The main aims of the project are to foster social inclusion and change the narratives of female migrants; it is also intended to improve the image of migrants in the EU and tackle stereotypes.

The women who take part in the project will be given the opportunity to develop a variety of ...

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Female Migrants in Austria:

19% of all women living in Austria were born in foreign countries. Overall women are clearly represented in the area of family migration, but significantly under-represented in the area of qualified migration. Women face complex and intersectional challenges, barriers and problems. In order to understand the specific phenomena, there is further need to analyse the gender hierarchy and the relevant political and societal framework and dynamics– especially in the field of migration, work, education, media and social welfare.

Focus Group:  Well integrated migrants face...

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