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Theatre activities & digital storytelling

Foster social inclusion and change narratives

FemTalks Forum aims to combine different training methodologies into a single highly blended learning programme for the development of female migrants.

Enabling women to acquire new skills, strengthen their self-confidence and self-efficacy to then put into practice what they have learned using an innovative digital sharing platform.

Using this learning programme, FemTalks Forum intends to help female migrants increase their employability and social inclusion and provide them with additional advice for further development.

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.


Project Goals

Develop an innovative training methodology that brings together Forum Theatre and its modalities to increase women’s self-confidence and employability

Increase soft skills of female migrants including self-efficacy, confidence, communication & networking skills via an innovative programme entitled Forum Circles™

Develop digital literacy skills for migrant women in order to effectively promote themselves and use social media in a professional setting

Showcase their stories to improve the image of migrants and celebrate their contribution to societies across the EU. These stories will also provide role models for other female migrants not directly participating in the programme


Female migrants who want to build their self-confidence and develop skills (including digital skills) to better integrate into communities, find work or set up a business. Those who need help integrating into their new host country by strengthening their social inclusion and other skills required in this process.

This way, FemTalks Forum aims to improve the image of migrants in the EU and tackle stereotypes.


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Project Resources

  • Success Stories ⯈

    As part of the research conducted as part of FemTalks, we have gathered success stories from each of the partner countries. Take a look at the inspiring case studies below, which feature migrant women from across Europe sharing their stories, and read their tips for success in a new host country!

  • National Reports ⯈

    During the Femtalks Forum research project, we gathered information about the current situation of migrant women in national reports from each partner country. Read through the national reports collected here to get an insight into the current situation in each of the countries.

  • IO1 Framework Reports ⯈

    Here you can find all translations for the first Intellectual Output Framework Report.